Find Your Lucky Colour for 2022

The New Year is never complete without the tradition of finding your luck in the year. While it may sound superstitious, but our auspicious colours change every year and it's largely dependent on our zodiac signs.

So, we’ve consulted Way Fengshui Group’s 2022 Zodiac Forecast Guide  to find out the lucky colours for each sign - start adding these colours into your CNY outfits or even daily wears to kick start a lucky and prosperous year!


For those born in the year of the Rat, Tiger & GoatBlue


Blue is often associated with honesty, inspiration, blessing and communication. It is the representation of harmony and calm and encourages creativity.

According to Way Fengshui Group's forecast, those born in the year of the Tiger & Rat will experience less-than-ideal luck this year, often feeling stuck. Try our restorative piece Easy Fit, matched in the perfect hue of Blue to counter potential misfortune in your path.

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For those born in the year of the Ox, Monkey, Rooster & Dog: Red


Some Zodiac signs just get all the luck. Case in point: those born in the year of Rooster. While the Ox, Monkey & Dog will have a relatively stable luck in 2022. 

These signs can look forward to a prosperous year ahead in 2022, and be further boosted by donning shades of red. Enjoy the new year with Plush as your new ally, a design piece that promotes a humble and consistent lifestyle. 


For those born in the year of the Dragon & Snake: White


Wearing white could promote feelings of renewal and help clear negative thoughts and obstacles that have been holding you back. With a predicted dip in your luck this year, those born in the zodiac year of the Dragon and Snake should count on pristine colour like white. 

Boost your chances and step into the new year afresh with Rosarium, a functional premium range of uplifting bra that focuses on enhancing the female body shape. 


For those born in the year of the Rabbit, Horse & Pig: Brown


Are you reigned by the Rabbit, Horse or Pig? According to Way Fenshui Group's forecast, make Brown your go-to colour this year. It is the colour of stability and reliability. We recommend starting with the humble Plus Size hero Sheen Luxe if you need additional support. Perfect for curvy ladies.

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The Sorella Team wishes everyone good luck in the year ahead!

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