All Around Snug Midi Panty

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Colour: Medium Grey
  • Mid-waist midi style
  • Seam-free knit with no side seam
  • Combining 2 weaving technique for comfortable wearing experience
  • Breathable function on the weave pattern
  • Upgraded with graphene-infused gusset that has anti-odor and anti-bacteria function.
  • Gusset will have honeycomb pattern surfaced upon contact with water
  • Fabric content: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex

Why you’ll love this/what makes it special:

Featuring seam-free knit with no side seams and two weaving techniques, it is breathable and offers a comfortable and flattering fit. Additionally, the upgraded graphene-infused gusset provides anti-odor and anti-bacterial functionality for long-lasting freshness.

Dressing Suggestion/Special Note:

Not suitable wearing under tight pants or dress

Matching Bra:

Easy Fit Wireless Bra

Target Customers:

Customer who are looking for soft and stretchy panty

Article no.: N20-051067

**Care Instructions: Cold temperature, do not bleach, hand wash and wash deep colors separately.

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