IWD2022: 3 Ways to to Reset Your Life

Sometimes when an aspect of your life - or possibly more than one - has deviated from the path you intended, it can be difficult to get back on track, especially given the unpredictability and increased blurring of lines between work and personal life. How about hitting the reset button for a fresh start?

Here are some of the places we might look to reset:

  1. Clear the Clutter, Clear your Mind

It's easy to get weighed down by mental clutter. If you want to focus to the best of your ability and process information as effectively as possible, you need to clear the clutter from your home and work environment. You will be less irritable, less distracted and able to process information better.

TIP: Try using the calendar on your smartphone or work computer. You’re going to have a million things to do. If you put it into your mental checklist, changes are you’ll forget it. So mark that calendar!

  1. Kick off a Self-Discovery Journey

If you’ve reached a point in life where you find yourself, “Who am I, really?”, some self-discovery can help you get to know yourself a little better. Kick off the journey by figuring out what’s missing.

TIP: Don’t be afraid to try new habits and see how they work for you. If they leave you feeling energized and inspired, keep doing them. If they don’t, keep trying until you find ones that do.

  1. Move Forward with Intention

Many of us live hurriedly, rushing from one activity to another. Day-to-Day priorities are important, but a life that’s nothing more than a series of going through the same motions usually doesn’t provide much enjoyment.

TIP: Create morning and evening routines helps you start and end the day right. Breaking your day into chunks helps you as too much time spent on doing one thing can cause you to lose interest and focus.

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