Let's Talk About: Boob Sweat

First of all, boob sweat is completely normal and it may happen more often that you would like it to. Some women are more likely to deal with the nuisance in the summer, especially during workouts. Let’s get to the bottom of what causes them to pool under your breasts and what you can do about it.


What Causes Boob Sweat?

A few factors contribute to boob sweat ranging from hormones to bra fabrics. Whether it is brought on by a good workout or simply a hot summer day, perspiring is the body’s way of cooling us down.

Similar to the underarm area, the pooling of excess moisture fails to evaporate when skin touches skin and accumulates especially for women with large or droopy breasts that may lead to undesirable irritation.


How to Prevent it?

The good news is, boob sweat is controllable. Keep reading for some simple solutions to manage the problem.


The fit and material of your bra are extremely important - and the best bra for boob sweat is ultimately a personal choice. A tight, uncomfortable bra can make you more susceptible to chafing especially during the hottest summer months, a good lightweight bra can keep your girls from overheating and prevents friction.


Don’t let the fact you’re sweating send you into overdrive with harsh soaps and products. Body wipes are fantastic for quick freshen-ups so carry them in your bag and give yourself a little wipe down in the ladies room if you need to. They are gentle on your skin and not overly perfumed - you can get the types are that mildly-fragrance for a touch of boob deodorant or opt for completely fragrance-free.


Friction is your enemy when it comes to boob sweat. They create heat which kicks the sweat into overdrive. Althought they won’t completely stop the perspiring, baby powder is a popular choice for absorbing sweat and guarding against both rashes and chafing.

A possible down-side of powders is that they can cake. So don’t apply too excessively and if you do start to sweat, you should still clean and reapply another light dusting.


The good thing about deodorants is you can put it anywhere on your body which includes under your boobs. It will ease perspiration and prevent bacterial build up. Try a stick formula rather spray to cover the area completely and allow it to dry completely before putting any clothes on.



It goes without saying but it’s important to practice good hygiene by showering every day and drying yourself completely with a clean towel. When you need additional help battling boob sweat, don’t lose heart! Follow our recommendations above and you’ll be on your way to a dryer and worry-free experience - even in the summertime.

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