Busting Bra Myths

Have you wondered if sleeping in a bra is bad for you? Or why it’s the same B75 but you couldn’t fit? Let us sort through some common bra theories and find out the truth behind them.



MYTH: I can’t sleep in a bra 

NOT TRUE. While we recommend sleeping with a non-wired bra for optimal comfort, some larger bust women may feel more comfortable sleeping in a structured bra. As long as you don’t wake up feeling painful, feel free to do so!

MYTH: My bra size is the same brand-by-brand

NOT TRUE. Every bra house runs differently. As an Asian fit specialist catering to Asian women, we reckon that it is the fit that matters most ultimately so don’t dismiss a new bra just because it doesn’t fit in your “normal” size. Get fitted until you feel right.

Meanwhile, you may also make an appointment with our Bra Fitting Experts for a personal fitting session. We’ll be happy to help.

MYTH: My bra size never changes.

NOT TRUE. Breast size, shape and density can change over time as we age. Life changing events like pregnancy and nursing can also cause a major change to the size and shape of your breast. We think it is best to get fitted every time before you purchase a bra.

MYTH:  A good and well fitted brassiere lasts a long while

NOT TRUE. Let’s not forget what these true essentials are for – to maintain overall hygiene for our lady bits. Our underwear gets up close with our intimate area and takes in a lot of living bacteria as a result even with proper care. We recommend refreshing your lingerie drawer every 6 months.

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