Try These Mother's Day Gift Ideas She'll Never Expect!

On Mother’s Day, say thank you to the woman who made you who you are today. It’s your chance to make them feel special! Show mum how much she means to you this Mother’s Day with a thoughtful gift from the heart.


For the Best Friend Mum who always enjoys your company

If you grew up with your mum knowing all of your most intimate little secrets and every intricate detail about your life, you have the “Best Friend Mum”.  These mums rarely take time out for themselves, caring for their family simply comes first.

If she is getting bored of spending too much time at home these days, inspire her to get back to nature with an outdoor adventure. You can go on a hike as a family or enjoy a glamping getaway together. 


For the Unconventional Mum that encourages you to have a voice

If you grew up with your mum winging it, not conforming to “normal” parenting rituals, you have the unconventional mum. She loves fiercely and will fight for those she loves, encouraging them to take on big challenges.

Extend this special day for as long as possible with a floral subscription that will brighten up her space and bring a smile to her face over and over again. Pamper her with Sexy Illusion, covered in delicate floral lace details combined with softly padded cups that holds her in. 


For the Sentimental Mum who appreciates the little things

If you grew up knowing your mum would drop what she’s doing to bring the forgotten lunch, or sacrifices her hobbies just to help you with yours, you’ve got the Sentimental Mum. She loves sweet nothings and cherishes private time with the family providing a warm and stable home without the drama.

Surprise her with a home-made coupon book for chores and housework that you can help with. This allows you to get creative and have a bit of fun with her. 


For the Corporate Mum who often forgets about herself

If you are used to seeing your mum on a conference call, in a power suit – you grew up with a corporate mum. She might have dropped you off at school early but showed you how to balance a family and a career, which you are forever grateful for.

Chances are she doesn't have too much time to spoil herself - which is why you can't go with a gift that she can indulge in. Encourage mum to spend some time on self-care with a thoughtful skincare gift. Or simply send her some love with Dreamy Lift, designed to lift and offer a smoothed silhouette under any outfit. 


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