Tips & Tricks: Working From Home 2.0

Working from home is once again a default setting for most of us. It seems that this time round, we can transit into WFH mode swiftly. Here are some tips & tricks to help you make the most out from it.


Do: Create a dedicated work space & skip the couch. A proper work environment is SO important because you will be able to stay focused, organized and more motivated.

Don’t: Be afraid to raise technical issues that are stopping you from working effectively.

Do: Take a couple of minutes in the morning to focus and prepare a list of priorities that you want to get done. Making clear and concrete goals can increase your chances of accomplishing them.

Don’t: Procrastinate. Keep your to-do list realistic and break down the tasks into smaller chunks! The smaller it is, the easier it is to get done.

Do: Set work boundaries with family members at home. Make your schedule and obligations clear so that you can focus on your tasks better. 

Don’t: Neglect personal hygiene. Besides the fact that we are all washing our hands a million times a day now, do not forget to take a shower when the weather gets unbearable indoors. It gives you some good thinking time away from the computer and working.

Do: Change out of your PJs.. Getting ‘dressed’ for work helps you get into the right mode and mentality.

Don’t: Forget to hydrate yourself. It’s easy to fall into a slump if we are not properly hydrated. We start to feel tired and lose focus. Always keep a water cup within reaching distance.

Do: Make sure to have a good supply of tea, coffee, and healthy snacks like fruit and nuts to keep you going.

Don’t: Be afraid to get a break. Even if it is just to walk to the window for a gaze to rest your eyes can greatly improve your ability to focus and concentrate.

Final thoughts? Forming new habits do not happen over night. Don't waste all your precious time trying to be perfect. Let us know in the comments what have your biggest WFH struggles and what you've done to increase your productivity!

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