Ultra Leakproof Enhance Maxi Panty

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Color: Black

• Maxi style

• Triple layered of gusset construction

• Experience enhanced protection with our leak-resistant layer, offering anti-bacterial and deodorizing properties through advanced antimicrobial treatments

• Antimicrobial treatments elevate the wearer's experience by minimizing the growth of microorganisms on the fabric, ensuring an overall enhanced sense of freshness and hygiene.

• Quick-Drying

• Moisture-wicking

• High breathability

• Full cheek coverage



Gusset : 100% Polyester

Why you’ll love this:

The Ultra Leakproof Panty is specifically designed for women with mild forms of urinary incontinence which involves occasional leaks during activities such as laughing, coughing, or sneezing. Highly recommended for pregnant women facing such symptoms and for post-partum as well. This product is also recommended for women undergoing menopausal transition.


SKU: N20-073272

**Care Instructions: Cold temperature, do not bleach, hand wash, and wash deep colors separately.


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